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1. In small groups, have students find (realistic) threats to humanity's existence, and then identify ways each student can personally work to combat this threat.

2. Ask your students to write a fictional journal entry from different characters' perspectives.

3. Ask students (likely, in small groups) to write part of the book as a play, which they can then perform. If you're willing, I'll post the excerpt on YouTube. 

4. Check out my YouTube channel, and you'll find chapter-by-chapter lectures if you need me to teach while you grade or catch up on other work. Auxiliary vlogs and blogs on a potpourri of topics can add insight and fun to my work.

5. Have your students discuss in small groups who their hero is; they can add their heroes to the hero blog post on this website.

6. Nab fab merch you can get from and Than, you can give it out as prizes to students.

7. Write to me at, and I'll send you the secret endings to the book. You and your class can read them and discuss: Do you like the original ending best or these secret endings? Why? Why would I have written other endings after the one in the book? These are all things you can discuss with your students.

8. Go to Spotify, and add a playlist on my channel that features the fave hero songs from each student. My fantastic intern placed one on there as an example.

9. If you need a public speaking/essay component to your class, perhaps you could send me a vlog with your students reading a section of the first or last chapter. If your class is cool with it, I'll post their vlog on my YouTube channel (Don't forget to like and subscribe!)

10. Although the book is primarily meant to entertain, my hope is that it will impel others to work to make the world a better place. Perhaps you all can fill out the form in the back of each book in class, and you can assign each kid community service. One of my students once started a food bank for the Milwaukee area; this is nice, but not mandatory! In fact, sometimes, the smaller the good deed, the greater the impact it has!

10. Have each student read the novel and write me a question, which I will personally answer.

11. As a mom of four, I believe that this generation is the wisest ever. Accordingly, I think even middle schoolers can write an essay on an adult with whom they disagree and ways the student can work to make lives better that won't upset the adult's belief system.

12. Think about the problems in your own community, and discuss ways young people can work to solve them.

14. Don't forget: I'm available to speak to/teach classes. See the "bookings" page on this website!

16. Send me a short vlog or pic of your whole class saying hello, and if everyone is willing, I'll post the photo/vlog on Instagram and YouTube, depending on the medium type.

17. Your class can also return to point 13 in the middle schoolers' exercises. 

18. Everybody wants the world to improve, but why don't people DO anything? On an allegorical level, the book presents impediments to saving the world. Perhaps you and your students can identify these and then imagine ways to circumvent these impediments.

Teachers, if you have ideas not included on this page, please email them to, and I'll include them on this page--crediting you, of course!

For high-school & college 





"Even the genius asks questions."

-Tupac Shakur



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