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Burn This Book: The 10,000-Year Plan

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You’ll have to defeat the tyrants who want to control it—and kill you—first.

That’s what Nadine Crane finds when she’s recruited into a ten thousand-year plan by Worth, who claims to be her boyfriend of many lives. Nadine just wants to get into the University of Chicago and nest in one of the Plan’s cozy, luxurious safe houses. Worth has different ideas, whisking Nadine through time and space on daring assignments, each more perilous than the last. Meanwhile, Worth trains Nadine to be a secret agent, making Nadine do things she swore she’d never do.

Join Worth and Nadine on a mission that spans the breadth of time and the depth of human longing. Can Worth capture Nadine’s heart all over again? And can Worth do it while saving the life of everyone on Earth—including yours?

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"A thrilling must-read for anyone who loves Harry Potter and Hunger Games."
                                                                                                             -- Chicago Tribune