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COVID-19-safe, very flexible internships with T. Harriman!

Work with T. Harriman!

Sinead, Lisa and Bianca at a workshop led by T. Harriman. Photo by Great Heart of the Prairie Productions.

So you wanna be an author, and there are NO internships with authors. Maybe you want to be an editor, author, PR rep etc., and don't know where to start.

Why not start with me? lf you're an aspiring author, I'll teach you how to become a "barefooted writer" (ha! But pajama-clad author, yes). With more than 12 years as a full-time communications professor, I can work with a wide range of subjects and situations. You'll build your portfolio, start creating your brand and get your name out there, as they say. You'll find I'm cheerful, upbeat, flexible with your life situation, and intent on customizing a program that will maximize your efforts.

You can start to make your dreams come true today. Just go to the bookings page on this site, and click on "Internships."

I'm so excited to work with you. Have a wonderful day, everyone!

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