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How to curate a reading sanctuary (part 2)

How on earth could anyone expect me to limit this topic to only one post? If you haven't read the first post, check it out below and return to read this one.

You might wonder what my own reading sanctuary looks like; the answer is that my entire home is a reading sanctuary. When I open the front door, my cats are waiting for me, and the coziness and security of my home rushes at me and enwraps me with happiness. I try to ensure that everything I can see from my front door speaks to elegance, warmth, and peace. If you'd like me to write a blog on how you can achieve this effect throughout your whole house, let me know in the comments below.

Otherwise, we resume this list at no. 8.

8. Earplugs. For if the wall of sound mentioned in the previous post fails.

9. A soft blankie. It can be silk or cashmere or alpaca--or a dollar store find. Just so long as it's soft and comforting. You might need two so you can tuck in your pet while they're chilling on their pillow.

10. A fancy little table. Something where you can rest your cider, hot chocolate, or tea as you read.

11. The perfect reading lamp. Finding the right one is a very personal matter.

12. A secret stash of refreshments. This can include expensive chocolates or, if you're very lucky, my son Jacob's chili. It must be filling and heart-warming--something you needn't share and that you've been anticipating for a very long time.

14. Security! Note the bars in the photo above. Fortifying your home against intruders, with cameras, light timers, doorbell cameras, or even dollar-store doorstops will bolster your coziness and security.

15. Textures. Mix up the textures in your sanctuary for maximum coziness. See the photo at left. (I grew up with lots of black cats, and I maintain that they're very good luck.)

15. Get rid of your screens. Ebooks are great, but hard copy books are my preference. There are no notifications, no ringtones, just your arms forming a closed circuit with the book and its world.

16. Celebrate! Decorate your reading nook for each holiday. Better yet, make up personal holidays, reasons to celebrate, and decorate for those as well.

17. Seek kindred spirits. There are amazing groups on Reddit that will inspire you to create coziness and sanctuary; just do a search.

18. Avoid white walls. Check out the cozy home in the photo above. Candles and warm lights really glow against non-white walls. If you live in an apartment and can't paint or wallpaper, find self-stick, peelable wallpaper that creates the sensation you're in your own little world.