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How to inspire yourself

Updated: Feb 22, 2021

Gemma, Australia.

Love Myself--Hailee Steinfeld

This inspires me to be independent and confident in who I am. It reminds me that all we have in this world is ourselves ultimately. We all need to be confident in who we are and rely on no one but ourselves, even holding ourselves accountable for our mistakes and even progress. I love the upbeat music behind the motivational lyrics of Hailee's songs.

Have it all--Jason Mraz

This song brings me back a couple years. I envy this song with the amount of love it has in it. This song basically puts my thoughts into words when I think of someone I truly love. This song shares such a pure and positive feeling. Every person should feel like they are worthy and should have whatever they desire. ”Have it all” is a powerful and moving song that really just switches whatever mood you’re in, into uplifting and positive.

Someday--Michael Buble

This song speaks about a love that this couple shares. It talks about a break up they go through because they aren’t ready for a commitment yet. The love they shared didn’t go away when the title for their relationship did. What I find most attractive about this song is the positive, upbeat music it has. It isn’t your basic sad love song. This song talks about how one day they will meet again, and they are forever only each other's.

Another Day in Paradise

Although this song talks about a girl, this song talks about the good times and living out every day. He talks about not taking anything for granted. The positive lyrics he sings and the beats he uses with it are so relaxing and so pretty.

Brand New--Ben Rector

This song makes me motivated for life and confident in who I am. This song basically tells a story about how you can change your life at any moment and learn from your mistakes as well as celebrate your successes. “If I close my eyes, I don't even care if anyone sees me dancing” Is a lyric that really speaks to me. This goes for anything in life. It shouldn't matter what people think of you if you're doing things you love.

Landslide--Oh Wonder

This song is a slower song but listening to the lyrics give you hope and courage to get through hard times. It talks about how you'll get over the struggles, so look for hope in the future. “When you’re caught in a Landslide, I'll be there for you” is how you have someone to support you.

Queens Don’t--RaeLynn

This song is so motivating to me because it talks about how you need to treat yourself with respect and don’t accept anyone who doesn’t benefit you. “Some girls might, but queens don't.” Queens don't hate, fight, or stay around people who don’t believe in you. You are to love yourself and keep pushing yourself past hard times.

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