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How to make your life a fairy tale, part deux

Updated: Sep 21, 2022

Fairy tales get a bad rap. Nary a day goes by on social media that somebody bitterly declares that life isn't a fairy tale, and the only person you can depend on is yourself. While that's true to a point, it overlooks the fact that humans are social creatures with emotions. We are built to live in community, so while you may or may not get rescued, it's entirely healthy to develop a support network. In addition, yes, life has problems. But what makes greater common sense: dwelling on the bad or finding sweetness and constructing the good? It's in that spirit that I present my second list of ways to make your life like a fairy tale.

1. Celebrate! Creating rituals can really help life feel more magical. This can be anything from a weekly spa night to celebrating your pets' birthdays. I always throw a Twelfth Night party so that I have something to look forward to after New Year's celebrations. Then, after that, there's the excitement and glamor of Chinese New Year.

2. Find a role model. Is there a celebrity whose lifestyle you admire? Keeping in mind that nobody's life is perfect, read up on them, take notes, and do what they're doing.

3. Crisscross your floors with soft, cushiony rugs.

4. Take note of ways you can separate your home mentally from the outside: noise- and light-blocking curtains, wallpaper murals on your ceiling or floors, soft music or environmental sounds if outside noises are harsh.

5. Plan a self-care day. Even if you have to work for months to plan and save your way to it, it'll be

worth it.

6. Decorate for the seasons.

7. Think through the negative. We're always sending messages to ourselves: What are yours? Instead of telling yourself, "Life is hard," and letting that be the end, ask what good has come from a difficult situation.

8. Keep a gratitude journal. In addition (or instead), keep a magical journal. What enchanting, lovely, or sweet things have you encountered today?

9. Volunteer. Doing something good for someone else, especially kindnesses to animals (I think), can give you an endorphin rush.

10. Here's a hint I need to work on: Eat like royalty. Much as I love Taco Bell, I don't exactly feel like a queen when I get it. But the simplest meal on your prettiest plates can make you feel amazing.

What are your favorite hints for making life seem like a fairy tale? Share them below!

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