How to make your life more like a fairy tale (part 1)

First, if you're in crisis or dealing with a huge problem, get help! Even Cinderella had a fairy godmother. See a counselor or clergy person to help you through. (Please note: This blog isn't a substitute for professional help.)

Image by Wild, the Rose

Resolve that, no matter what has happened in your life, it does not define you. You can overcome it and find the goodness and sweetness in life. You don't need to spend ten grand on a Disney trip (though I love Disney). Just break up the attainment of each of these into little steps, and notice your energy levels and productivity lift. I recommend working on them daily for maximal effect.

1. Journal. If you're short on time or money, open a file on your computer or reach for scrap paper. The important thing is to begin, especially if you're in a situation where every single freaking second of life feels like a nightmare.

2. f you are indeed in a situation where every second seems like a nightmare, use this list as a checklist and complete one item per day or week, as you can manage. Take note of the comfort, no matter how fleeting, each action gives you. Repeat the action that gives you comfort. Over time, you'll note these feelings of comfort or peace become more frequent. You can get through this. You WILL get through this. I care, and so do other people, be they in the past or future.

3. I *had* to include this old chestnut. Find and light beautiful candles.

4. If you've ever wanted to live in a movie, you can! As you're driving, listen to classical music stations, and appreciate how rich you are, to listen to music only royalty could hear in the past. I'm a devotee of the YouTube channel Ambient Worlds, at (2) Ambient Worlds - YouTube. Listen to music modeled after your favorite movie on Ambient Worlds, and you'll feel like you're in Lord of the Rings, Avatar, or Harry Potter. On my YouTube channel, you'll find my playlist (5) Music to feel magical by - YouTube, which I listen to while I go about my day to feel like I inhabit my own magical world.

5. Meditate on fantasy interiors, like the one at right. I do this on YouTube before I sleep. There are several meditation channels (just search for "snow cabin," for example, and you'll see idyllic interiors ready to step right into). Occasionally, I'll surf from studying idyllic scenes like the one at (5) Fantasy Cottage - Enchanted Forest - ASMR Ambience - YouTube to lower my stress level.

6. Keep a Pinterest or Instagram account of fantasy landscapes or interiors you admire. Simply go to Pinterest and search for "fantasy landscape," and you'll be in heaven!

7. Take nature walks.

8. Filter. If people in your life aren't positive and caring, limit your interactions with them. You may need to cut out all interactions with them, if possible.

9. Filter your media. If you're listening to news and media that are negative, replace them with positive news and media. Unless the news affects you personally, you don't need it.

10. Be safe. Fortify your home against intruders.

11. Install a security system.

12. Install heavy curtains, so when you shut them, you block out the world.

13. Save money to build a financial nest for yourself.

14. Make sure every seating area has a soft throw or blanket.

15. Build a reading nook. If your home is small, set up a screen so you can't see it from the rest of your home.

16. Plan a vacation to an exotic, lovely locale.

17. Dress to star in your own romantic fairy tale. I like long dresses for practical reasons (they're fast and comfy), but there's no denying the feminine delight of a skirt brushing your toes. I visit to customize dresses so they're long, cozy, and feminine.

18. Find a signature color.

19. Find a signature scent.

Check out part 2 of my list in an upcoming blog! Comment below with your own tips on how to feel like life is a fairy tale!

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