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Intermediate coziness

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Although every season is arguably cozy, I write you in winter, surrounded by Christmas/winter decorations (so called because I try to use snowpeople and non red-green colors so I can keep my winter decorations up until early spring). My Christmas decorations are blue on blue and silver---yes, art

A fall walk with a pet; a mysterious turn on a trail: I wish I could

join this most cozy hike! Photo by Great Heart of the Prairie

deco---which I love and presents an extra challenge because I don't think art deco is very cozy. I also live in an apartment, which isn't very cozy; indeed, too much white isn't cozy at all.

It takes lots of money to make a castle, but no amount of money can make cozy and its emotional satisfaction. That's why I assembled this to-do list. Maybe when the holidays fade and you're feeling January blue, you can take up my "how to" cozy list so every season will be your favorite.

  1. Read a book! LED screens are what you see at work, and that's not necessarily cozy. Books are quiet spaces for the mind, refuges, where you can take shelter and nobody can reach you, unlike a phone, with which someone can reach you in a million ways.

  2. Create a reading nook! Naturally, you'll customize your reading nook, but ideally, it should involve a way to prop up your feet; a chunky, warm blankie; a place to set your drink; and a reading lamp. There should be no screens nearby, excellent lighting, and hopefully, a door to keep out the world.

  3. Warm drinks: apple cider, hot chocolate, milk--all at the end of the day--will send you cozily to bed.

  4. Save money and resources! Knowing you can weather whatever crisis comes your way is very, very cozy. Even if you only have a couple pennies at the end of the day, if you add to your stash daily, you'll be surprised how much you have at the end of the year. Me, I also

Istanbul. Photo by Great Heart of the Prairie Productions.

throw in unexpected rebates and checks.

5. Contribute to charity. It makes you happy, and it's a very cozy feeling knowing you must have enough if you can spare resources for others.

6. Celebrate! I have a Twelfth Night of Christmas party to give me something to look forward to after Christmas and New Year's. World Cat Day? Friendsgiving? I'm on it!

7. Count your blessings! Again, we return to the concept that coziness is knowing you're safe from the vicissitudes (love that word) of life. Today, we have access to things the richest person in the world couldn't imagine a century ago. So yeah, I'm feeling lucky.

8. Have breakfast in bed. Set out a lovely tray the night before, and put out what you can, including a big napkin so you don't get crumbs in the sheets. You needn't have a patisserie chef on hand to make you dainty pastries--that cup of yogurt will taste extra delish as you're luxuriating on the pillows.

9. Take a cozy hike or drive. You're probably sensing a pattern here--all these suggestions can cost as much or as little as you like. Treat yourself to Starbucks, maybe buy yourself a gift you've been putting off--but have fun!

10. Make your home burglarproof.

So there you go! Please let me know your favorite cozy strategies in the comments below, and look for my last cozy blog, for advanced cozy practitioners. Have a great day!

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