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Take me with you: Shop T. Harriman!

Updated: Aug 12, 2020

"Take Me with You" is more than an awesome Prince song; it might as well be the slogan of my online shops. Just go to and, both places where you can buy top-shelf, super-high-quality, reasonably priced merch that will pay for itself in a day when you work on your goals.

This merchandise is the very highest quality. It's what I have in my home and what I give my own children, so you know it's the best I could find. These products are perfect to encourage reluctant readers and make a low-cost holiday gift with which your readers will remember the lessons you want them to carry with them throughout their lives.

Given my constant writing companions, you know I had to include a cat on my logo. Piki and Picasso often sport bow ties, much like the one on this logo, below right.

In addition, your purchase will enable me to continue my work of collaborating one-on-one with teachers and speaking to community groups about the highest values.

Your purchase also enables me to work with disadvantaged youth and communities. Your purchase tells the world that you care about the fine arts and support individual artists, not faceless corporations.

Be your best every day with my mug, below, featuring the motto of Worth's Plan.

I'm constantly adding items to the merch store, so check back if you don't see what you need immediately. You can also drop me an e-mail at, and I'll be thrilled to custom-design merchandise to the delight of you and yours. So thank you in advance for supporting me at and! Picasso, Piki, and I salute you!

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