who is your hero?

After interviewing many people on who their hero is, you would be surprised at the results.

I interviewed eight people, and here is what they said:

“My mother, Belinda Johnson,” said Kaitlyn Johnson (at left), 18, of Evansville, IN. “ I wouldn’t be anything without her.”

Abby Dickinson, 19, of Evansville, IN, also remarked, “My parents because they have shaped me into who I am today and have always been there to support me. They have taught me the most about life and what’s important, and they are the hardest-working people I’ve ever met. I look up to their success and how they live their lives.”

“My hero is my choir teacher, Jennifer Nance (pictured above). She brought me out of my darkest place and helped me find my passion, music,” said Trinity Willett, 18, of Evansville, IN.

“My hero is my older sister Kendra Johnson,'' said Breaya Cooper, 21, of Henderson, KY. "When we were young, life sucked, but she always managed to keep me on track and keep life together for me. Then she eventually made a good life for herself and became independent.”

Gracie Rae (at left), 17, of Princeton, KY, had a different approach to the question. “My hero is Tracy Wolfson because her job and her life inspire me,” she said.

Tell us who your hero is and why in the comments below. …

Jada Morgan is a Harrison High School senior. She is part of the Shepard Leadership and Law Academy and is an intern for an author by the name T. Harriman. Jada has also been team captain of her high school basketball team for two years and devotes a lot of her time to the gym.

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