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Hello, Teachers &


You work hard; let me help

We're a team! My goal is to make your students love reading--and determined to make a difference!  You'll find help from me in many ways...

  • A whole channel of YouTube videos, including a playlist devoted solely to each chapter of BURN THIS BOOK: THE 10,000-YEAR PLAN.

  • Cheap and easy classroom ideas to help you teach various grade levels of English and creative writing. Just tap "Click this box," at left!

  • Secret, alternative endings to BURN THIS BOOK: THE 10,000-YEAR PLAN!

  • A forum on this website that will help you exchange ideas and show off your best ones. 

  • Reasonably priced, adorable goodies that your class will love! And...

  • Email me at with any questions or comments you might have! I look forward to meeting you!

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